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Developed a high-frequency device, 'Hyper-500'.

Feb 10, 2015

[Reporter Seonwoo Lee] JS On, a venture company that has been in its second year of establishment, has six employees, all of whom are middle-aged over 55 years of age. As CEO Jeong Dae-gil put it, it is a silver venture company

Interview with CEO Jeong Dae-gil of J.S.On

[Reporter Seonwoo Lee] JS On, a venture company that has been in its second year of establishment, has six employees, all of whom are middle-aged over 55 years of age. As CEO Jeong Dae-gil put it, it is a silver venture company. In 2013, CEO Jeong and other employees worked together to develop high-frequency medical device products using the wealth of experience and know-how accumulated in various fields for decades.

As a medical device company preparing for the age of 100 with passion comparable to that of young people in their 20s and 30s, I met Dae-gil Jeong, CEO of Hankyung Focus TV, who is preparing a success story for the second act of his life. The following is a Q&A with CEO Jeong Dae-gil.

○ What kind of company is 'JS On'?

JS On is a silver venture company in its second year of establishment. Currently, all six employees are over the age of 55. As a person who was active in public office and sports before establishment, he had a lot of interest in sports, health, and social problems caused by aging. While contemplating a full-scale business after stepping down from his position five years ago, he met a developer who had been working on high-frequency medical equipment for a long time and established the company in March 2013.

○ What is JS On's main business?

JS On is engaged in the business of high-frequency medical devices. The 'Healing Machine HIPER-500' currently under development is a representative product. Healing Machine HIPER-500 is a product that can be used with input voltages of 110 and 220 volts (V) and frequencies of 50 and 60 hertz (Hz), and its rated output is less than 500 watts (W). It is a method of transmitting electromagnetic wave energy to the human body using Bi-polar electrodes coated with special ceramics. It features a function that automatically modulates the frequency and output according to the change in impedance within the range from 3 to 5 MHz centered on the 4.4 MHz frequency.

○ What are the characteristics of medical equipment developed by JS On?

It can be summarized in two main points. The first is that the frequency is automatically modulated within the range of 3 to 5 megahertz according to the different resistance values ​​between normal and abnormal tissues in the human body. As a result, the output is also automatically variable, so it can be said to be a completely differentiated product from existing devices with constant frequency output.

The second feature is that two insulated electrodes specially coated with ceramic are used on the human body at the same time based on the capacity method of the general CET concept. As a result, it is possible to generate deep heat within the human body more safely than existing products. Through this deep heat, a high effect can be expected in relieving not only general pain but also malignant pain. It can be seen as a method that integrates CET and RET methods, which are mainly mentioned in the high frequency field, into one function.

○ As it is a medical device, it seems that safety as well as product performance is important.

In the meantime, efforts have been made to secure technology. Last year, a patent was obtained for 'automatic modulation function of frequency and output according to impedance'. Currently, the Healing Machine HIPER-500 is a microwave stimulator and has completed safety and electromagnetic wave tests conducted by testing agencies in order to obtain an item permit from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Finally, the performance test is in progress. As soon as this test report is completed, we plan to apply for product approval to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

○ It took a lot of time from the establishment of the company to the launch of the product.

The healing machine HIPER-500 was born through numerous experiments and technology development over the past two years after establishing a company with a developer with decades of field experience. Of course, since it is still in the early stages of development, there are still many areas to be supplemented, such as design and user convenience. In order to develop more perfect medical devices, a company-affiliated research institute was recently established. In the future, we plan to build a cooperative system with national research institutes, universities, and medium and large hospitals centering on the research institute.

○ What are your future plans?

First, the goal is to obtain an item permit for the healing machine HIPER-500 from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and use it as a physical therapy device for pain relief. After that, it plans to develop a high-frequency wave thermal therapy device that treats various malignant pain and cancer pain by conducting clinical trials in general hospitals. It is my personal wish to create an environment where patients suffering from cancer can receive treatment at an affordable cost. In addition, it plans to actively develop personal pain treatment devices that can be easily used at home.

Lee Seon-woo, reporter

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