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At JS-ON CO., Ltd., our mission is to improve the quality of life for all individuals by providing cutting-edge, effective, and easy-to-use medical devices.


Since our founding in 2013, we have been dedicated to researching and developing innovative solutions for pain management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, sports injury treatment, and skin care.


Our flagship product, the HIPER high-frequency therapy device, is a result of this dedication and sets the standard for non-invasive, deep-heat therapy.

We are proud to have acquired ISO13845 accreditation and CE certification, which stand as a testament to the safety and effectiveness of our products.


As we continue to expand both domestically and internationally, we remain committed to our vision of creating a world without pain. We strive to be the leading provider of medical devices that improve the quality of life for all.



Participated in MEDICA 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Registered in an overseas SCI journal for back pain(Journal of clinical medicine)

Preparing for clinical study on foot and knee pain in an overseas SCI journal.

A Domestic contract for sole agency with DONG-A ST.


HIPER-330 and HIPER-1000 obtained domestic product approval and CE certification.

Established JS-ON Co., Ltd. branch in Daegu, Korea.


Registered technology patents in Vietnam for high-frequency device.

Signed agreement for plantar fasciitis clinical trial at Chonbuk National University Hospital in Korea.


Participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai Medical Equipment Exhibition and KIMES Medical Equipment Exhibition.

Registered technology patents in Australia for thermal therapy.

Registered in an overseas SCI journal for shoulder joint pain (Pain Research & Management)

Registered in an overseas SCI journal for animal experiment on knee arthritis pain.(Pain Medicine(Oxford Academy)


Participated in KIMES medical equipment exhibition.

Registered technology patents in Australia for high-frequency device.

Entered into contract with a Taiwanese agent.

Conducted human clinical trial on "Knee Arthritis Pain" at Korea University Anam Hospital in Korea.



Participated in KIMES medical equipment exhibition.

Relocated company headquarters and research institute to Anyang, Korea.

Obtained ISO13485 certification.

Started first export to Vietnam.


Selected for a new medical technology-based government project. Participated in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (PHARMEDI) exhibition.


Registered business-affiliated research institutes

and obtained domestic product approval.


Obtained manufacturing business and manufacturing medical devices permission.

Registered technology patents.


Established JS-ON Co., Ltd.

What We Value

Safety & Effectiveness

Providing patients with the safest and most effective clinical data

Usability & Reliability

Developing and supplying products that offer user convenience and reliability

World class level

Constantly striving to be recognized for world-class value

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