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HIPER-1000 is a medical device, high-frequency stimulator, designed to relieve various pain using deep heat

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Pain Relief

Many people can experience various pains and illnesses due to incorrect posture and stress in their daily lives. 

HIPER therapy helps to address a wide range of diseases based on inflammation.

A non-invasive treatment HIPER is greatly effective in

Low back pain, Neck pain, Tennis elbow, Cervicalgia & Back pain, Traumatology, Rheumatology, Muscular, Joint & Lymph Disorders. 


Sports injuries

Athletes and sports enthusiasts may experience life-changing physical problems or injuries.

HIPER not only helps recover from sports injuries, but it is also highly effective in relieving tired muscles from excessive exercise.




JS-ON has developed a solution to improve the skin of the face and body by applying original technology. 
HIPER will be one of the key improvement methods in the area of beauty, such as anti-wrinkle, radiance, 
detox, firming, stretch mark treatment.
In particular, higher quality and results would be seen among middle-aged and elderly adults. 

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