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JS-ON unveil a musculoskeletal pain treatment device at 'KHF 2019'

Aug 12, 2019

JS-ON unveil a musculoskeletal pain treatment device at 'KHF 2019'

‘HIPER-500· HIPER-1000' effective in relieving inflammation and pain

[medicaltimes=] JSON (CEO Chung Ju-hwan) will host the 'K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2019· KHF 2019), a new concept pain treatment device 'HIPER-500· HIPER-1000'.HIPER-500· HIPER-1000 is effective in relieving various musculoskeletal inflammation and pain by transmitting wave energy to the human body and inducing deep heat.In addition, two insulating ceramics coated with special materials and JSON's patented A-IPM technology are used to block side effects such as burns and sparks that occur during treatment to increase safety.In particular, three papers based on the results of clinical trials conducted at High Alternative Cancer Hospital (knee), Samsung Seoul Hospital (low back pain), and Chonbuk National University Hospital (shoulder) were published in overseas SCI journals.

Among them, the paper 'Effects of a Newly Developed Therapeutic Deep Heating Device Using High Frequency in Patients with Shoulder Pain and Disability' recently collaborated with Chonbuk National University Hospital and JSON was published in the overseas SCI journal 'Pain Research & Management'.

Currently, HIPER-500 is used in general hospitals, clinic-level rehabilitation medicine, pain medicine, orthopedic departments, and sports clubs.

A company official said, "We are developing upgraded models using our own original technology," adding, "In addition, for quality management, ISO13485· CE certification is in progress."

He added, "We are focusing on building a global network to enter overseas markets, such as exhibiting at international medical device exhibitions and contracting distributors by country."

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