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JS-ON participated in Medical Korea in Moglia 2018

Jul 4, 2018

JS-ON participated in Medical Korea in Moglia 2018

JS-on Co.,Ltd. was participated in ‘2018 Medical Korea in Mongolia’ that was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 15 to 16 June 2018. 


 JS-on Co., Ltd. exhibited ‘HIPER- 1000’, a high-frequency therapeutic medical device, which can be used in a pain therapy clinic and skin care field. ‘HIPER-1000’ have been improved the features of user convenience and design aspects compared to the initial model, and tried to export to other countries.

 At this exhibition, local buyers and media sources have been interested in HIPER-1000 model on account of therapeutic effects on thermal energy of HIPER-1000. It also has been recognized for the quality and availability of HIPER-1000 to such an extent that buyers made contracts for purchasing.

 Taking this exhibition, JS-on Co., Ltd. is actively looking for buyers and searching a way like establishing a branch office in Mongolia. 

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