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JS-ON exhibits the ‘HIPER’ at KIMES 2023... “We will grow into a global treatment equipment specialist”

JAN 31,2023

JS-ON exhibits the ‘HIPER’  at KIMES 2023... “We will grow into a global treatment equipment specialist”

JS-ON Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong Ju-hwan) announced that it will participate in the 38th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition 'KIMES 2023' held at COEX, Seoul from March 23 (Thu) to 26 (Sun).

Established in 2013, JSON is a company that has been researching and developing various treatment devices that can be used for various pains with the goal of realizing a “pain-free life”. To this end, the company explains that it is strengthening its competitiveness and networking capabilities by focusing on domestic and foreign technology patent registration as well as securing its own technology. In addition, it succeeded in establishing a foundation for entering the global market by obtaining licenses such as ISO 13485 and CE certification.

At this exhibition, JSON will introduce the ‘HIPER’ series, a high-frequency thermal therapy product. The initial model, ‘HIPER-500’, was manufactured based on the patent for ‘automatic variable high-frequency thermal therapy device’ registered in December 2014. It emits high-frequency energy to the human body and induces deep heat to generate specific stimulation, thereby exerting an effect of alleviating various musculoskeletal inflammation and pain.

In particular, an SCI-level thesis proving the treatment effect of back and shoulder pain has been registered, and clinical trials for other areas are also known to be in the final stage.

In addition, the probes composed of two pairs are insulated with a special material to enhance convenience and safety so that they can be used anywhere on the human body. Based on these characteristics, in August 2015, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety obtained an item permit as a ‘high frequency stimulator’ and is currently supplying it to medium and large hospitals.

“The HIPER series is a technology that is differentiated from existing medical devices, and we are proud that it is a product that dramatically relieves pain,” said an official from JSON. , We expect to be able to expand our sales channels in overseas markets through KIMES 2023.”

He added, "Our goal is to develop more innovative and competitive medical devices and contribute to the trend of the times when interest in healthy life expectancy has grown and grow into a global treatment device company."

On the other hand, KIMES is an exhibition specializing in medical devices and hospital facilities that has grown steadily with the development of the Korean medical industry since its first meeting in 1980. It has transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry such as rehabilitation medicine.

In KIMES 2023, new technologies and products suitable for the era of convergence, such as smart healthcare in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, robot medical care and eco-friendly medical waste facilities, advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems combined with IT technology, and the automobile industry for rapid patient transportation, will be presented. presents In addition, various information is provided, including seminars on domestic medical industry policy that will show the latest information and the direction of the medical industry, as well as seminars on medical technology, new technology, and overseas marketing.

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