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JS-ON takes the lead as an old-age venture company.

Apr 9, 2015

The 'Healing Machine Hyper-500', which is being developed by JESON Co., Ltd., is a new concept pain relief medical device.

The 'Healing Machine Hyper-500', which is being developed by JESON Co., Ltd., is a new concept pain relief medical device. Existing high-frequency stimulators have a fixed frequency output, but have a function that automatically changes the frequency (3-5MHz) and output (up to 500W) according to bioimpedance. A high-frequency stimulator is a device that reduces pain by delivering electromagnetic wave energy to the human body through electrodes.

In an interview with Money Today The Bell on the 2nd, Daegil Jeong (pictured), CEO of JSOn, said, "Hyper-500 is a completely differentiated product from existing devices." Based on this, the effect of relieving inflammation and pain has been greatly improved.”

The core technology that automatically adjusts the frequency is contained in the A-IPM (Auto-Integrated Package Module) developed by JSON based on domestic patent registration.First, it is evaluated as an innovative technology of a new concept that detects impedance and adjusts frequency and output.There are many products that can be grafted with A-IPM.Above all, the possibility of developing an ultra-short stimulator (3-45 MHz) and a high-frequency thermal cancer treatment device was opened.“The technology can be applied to high-frequency imaging equipment, including high-frequency surgical instruments, ultrasonic stimulators, and light irradiators,” said CEO Jeong.

The Hyper-500 contains another innovative technology.High-frequency equipment is mostly classified into CET (Capacitive Electric Transfer) and RET (Resistive Electric Transfer) according to the implementation method.The CET method is safe because the ceramic is coated, but the thermal conductivity transmitted to the core is low.On the other hand, RET is capable of deep diathermy, but there is a risk of burns.JSOn has succeeded in developing an innovative technology that incorporates only the strengths of the two methods.It can generate deep heat in the human body more safely than existing products.An official from the company explained, "It is also a great advantage to reduce discomfort by removing the spark that appeared in the existing CET/RET method."

The domestic high-frequency stimulator market is still considered an unexplored field.At least, imported products adopting a fixed frequency method occupy the market.JS On is in the position that Hyper-500 can create a new market and at the same time achieve an import substitution effect.CEO Jeong emphasized, “We have improved productivity by modularizing A-IPM,” and “according to the management policy of actively hiring senior manpower, we have an edge in price competitiveness.”

CEO Chung described JSOn, which is in its second year of establishment, as a 'silver venture company'.All six full-time employees are middle-aged over the age of 55.They jumped into the development of high-frequency medical device products based on their rich experience and know-how accumulated in various fields for decades."I have always been interested in sports, health, and aging issues," said CEO Jeong.

Until the birth of the Hyper-500, it had to endure the time of endurance.After the company was founded in 2013, numerous experiments and technology developments were carried out over the past two years."Because it is in the early stage of development, there are still many things to be supplemented in terms of convenience," said CEO Jung.

What is CEO Jeong’s goal for this year?First of all, it is determined to obtain an item permit from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for Hyper-500, a high-frequency stimulator.It has already completed safety and electromagnetic wave inspections by testing agencies, and performance inspections are still pending.After product approval, field clinical trials are conducted for general hospitals, and based on the results, it is planned to develop a high-frequency wave thermal therapy device that relieves malignant pain and cancer pain."We will develop a personal pain treatment device that can be used at home in the future," he said, "I want to create an environment where malignant pain patients can be treated inexpensively."

Meanwhile, JS On started attracting funds for research and development (R&D) expenses and clinical trials against institutional investors.

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