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DongA ST signs exclusive sales contract for JS-ON's high-frequency device in Korea.

Sep 19, 2022

DongA ST signs exclusive sales contract for JS-ON's high-frequency device in Korea.

On the 14th, Dong-A ST announced that it signed an exclusive sales contract with JS-ON, a company specializing in high-frequency warming equipment, for the exclusive sales of high-frequency heating equipment 'Hiper 330' in Korea.

JS-ON is a company specializing in high-frequency medical equipment based on high-frequency RF specialized technology.

A high-frequency stimulator is a medical device that applies high-frequency wave energy of 100,000Hz (hertz) or more to the human body to relieve various musculoskeletal inflammation and pain, and is generally used in hospitals for physical therapy.

The high-frequency warmer 'Hiper 330', which Dong-A ST decided to sell exclusively in Korea, has a differentiating factor different from the existing high-frequency stimulator.

First of all, the biggest difference is that it applies a variable frequency differently from existing products.

According to the different resistance values between normal and abnormal tissues of the human body, the frequency is automatically modulated in the range of 3~5MHz. Accordingly, the output has a function of automatically variable, which is effective in treating pain, and the concept of the principle of action is different from the existing devices with constant frequency output.

The high-frequency stimulator can be said to have the biggest side effects of burns and sparks, which are used by two insulating probes coated with a special material and JS-ON's patented A-IPM technology to block these side effects for increased stability. In addition, it is said that it is possible to treat patients without changing clothes, which significantly improves the convenience of customers.

An official from Dong AST said, "The domestic high-frequency heating equipment market is still considered to be an untapped field," adding, "We believe that we can secure a meaningful share by expanding sales by putting forward the special advantages of 'Hiper 330' in the market occupied by imported products that apply the fixed frequency method."

He added, "In the future, we plan to create the Dong-AST medical device brand through cooperation with domestic companies with good technology such as JS-ON."

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